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In a powerful prayer meeting in 1993, the Holy Spirit gave a list of 27 nations covering all the continents to be visited with the gospel and the message of "repent or perish," and resurrection in Jesus Christ.

The nations on the list are: Ukraine, India, Switzerland, Scotland, France, Australia, Nova Scotia, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Mozambique, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Haiti, Virgin Islands, Newfoundland, Chile, Argentina, Ireland, England, Brazil, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Finland, Greece, and New Zealand.

MCM has sent mission teams totaling 36 team members on 63 mission trips to 86 nations and territories so far on all seven continents including Antarctica in obedience to the call (as of November 2022). All 27 from the list have been reached with the completion of the Ethiopian mission. See Missions updates for reports on some of the missions to these nations and continents. This is MCM's small part in fulfilling the commission of our Lord Jesus...

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be [condemned].
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." (Mark 16:15-18)


"This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." (Mat. 24:12-14)

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Missions Updates

Israel (Be'er Sheva, Negev) 11/2022
Toronto World Camp for Jesus 2019
Haifa and Jerusalem, Israel 5/2019
Guatemala 2/2018
Israel (Jerusalem) 2017
•USA Mission to the four corners, Lebanon, KS 2016
Patmos, Greece and Greek Isles 11/2015
Seychelles, Mauritius (Africa) 3/2015
Israel & Palestine/West Bank 5/2014
Lyon, France 10/2013
Samoa/Oceania 6/2013
Jerusalem, Israel 11/2012
Colombia 10/2012
Central America - Guratamala, Honduras, Nicaragua 2/2012
South Africa 1/2012
Asia - Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, and Vietnam 2010-2011
Israel-Galilee 2010
Iceland, Greenland 2009
Israel,Jordan,Egypt 2008
Ethiopia 2007
Mozambique 2006
•Israel (City of David, Old Jerusalem) 2005
Zambia & Zimbabwe 2004
Antarctica 2003
Asia (Japan, China, Singapore, Philip., Vietnam) and mercy mission 2002
South Pacific, Madagascar, and SE Asia 2000 - 2002
Jerusalem 1999

News from Zambia & Zimbabwe
News from Madagascar

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Celebrating Tabernacles slideToronto World Camp for Jesus 2019

World Camp for Jesus October 17-21, 2019
MCM world mission team-Joanna B., Marcia M., Dr. Mary Craig, Wanda B. (Home Strategy Coordinator)

Dr. Craig’s topic “Celebrating Tabernacles Today” at His Glory House, Toronto: Every believer (Jew and Gentile) can celebrate Tabernacles today by laying hold of truth revealed to Saul of Tarsus (Paul) in his call, commission, commandments from Jesus, and the promise to show him “the Just One.” This message is on the home page of www.marycraig.orgas “Opening the Eyes of the Blind” along with a prayer to open the eyes of the blind. We hope you will catch the vision of what the LORD is doing in the world today.

We had a very successful mission trip to Toronto, Canada, where I spoke and Marcia M. gave her testimony at the World Camp for Jesus. The Camp is under the oversight of Sherry Benish Ministries. Ed and Sherry Benish are missionaries of the Assemblies of God at the Asia-Pacific Theological Seminary in the Philippines. Joanna B. filled out the MCM Mission Team, but many people also participated here at home. Our thanks to Wanda B., MCM World Missions Home Strategy Coordinator, and Betty P., who made Power Point presentations for the mission. Their team contribution of labor in the Lord and that of all of the intercessors on the MCM Intercessory Team produced much fruit which will remain. .

World Missions Update: 2019 World Camp for Jesus Toronto (234k ) November 2019

It started with an e-mail from Sherry Benish of Sherry Benish Ministries. Sherry and her husband Ed are Assemblies of God missionaries at the Asia-Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio City, Philippines. But before they took that position, they were the vision keepers for the World Camp for Jesus meetings, which began in 2015.

Back then, Sherry found MCM online. She had wanted every continent represented at the World Camp for Jesus Cambodia. She googled Antarctica to find Christian ministries which had been commissioned by the LORD to go there, and MCM popped up. So she telephoned me; we talked and talked and discovered similar desires and callings...

Celebrating Tabernacles Today (350k ) November 2019

Every believer (Jew and Gentile) can celebrate all that Tabernacles signifies by laying hold of truth revealed to Saul of Tarsus (Paul)...


Israel mapHaifa and Jerusalem, Israel - May 2019

Final phase of the "Courts Mission" May 8-15. Jesus' court. Dr. Mary Craig, Marcia Murray and Kroy Ellis, along with participation and support from the home prayer team led by Wanda Barlow prayed the prayer strategies given by the Holy Spirit to Pastor Mary in Haifa and Jerusalem. 
. . .

You will go to Jerusalem and as you go to the places where Jesus was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death on a cross as one cursed, you will enter into life. Death will not hold you. Christ fulfilled all righteousness. He did not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it. The Law shows the what but not the how, not having the power of life, the Holy Spirit. [the Law cannot give life. The Holy Spirit gives life.]

Now you will have the power to LIVE, which comes by the Holy Spirit. To enter into Christ is to enter into eternal life, its abundance.
I will manifest this in you. You are Mine and I come to you that you may enter into Me as I have entered into you. Abide in Me. I am your dwelling place. I am the place prepared for you.
. . .

Standing in a corner in the cave/prison entrance just before one goes down the stairs to where Jesus was held prisoner, I collapsed.
. . .

Courts Mission to Haifa and Jerusalem


Map of GuatemalaGuatemala - Feb 2018

Occasionally, mission trips are covert, a short "in and out," highly spiritual, and "in the air." MCM has been called a spiritual strike force, carrying the battle in the heavens while ground troops carry the battle on earth. This was such a mission.

After an assurance of God's love, there was this in September, 2017:

"And I am calling you to Guatemala. My people there are being devoured by pestilence and plague. As to many their sin and the sins of the nation have brought this. … There is much lawlessness. You will carry the standard of My holiness and I will judge; I will separate. I will answer the idolatry, the false worship systems, the violence, the ancient strongholds. I will do this."... Guatemala: The Battle for the Gospel (140k pdf) Click

Guatemala News

Massive Outreach Completed in Guatemala

The CEF Latin American region has just completed [Aug. 5th] a massive evangelistic outreach project in Guatemala called “I’ll Go!” Volunteers from 15 Latin American nations took up the challenge. The project began with orientation and training. Participants were then divided into teams and sent to partnering churches throughout the country. There they taught the Bible in public schools, did 5-Day Clubs each afternoon, and teacher training each evening. For the last phase of the project, all of the teams gathered in Guatemala City where, in addition to their previous efforts, they held a citywide conference and debriefing.

July 19 through August 5, the 24 teams served 72 churches reaching over 47,000 children with over 21,000 counseled for salvation! Beyond that, 866 teachers received training, and 38 new Good News Clubs began!.... Child Evangelism Fellowship


Mary Craig at World Camp for Jesus Jerusalem 2017World Camp for Jesus Jerusalem - The Glory of the Gospel - Aug 2017

When I was in Jerusalem recently, reviewing what I had planned to say at the World Camp for Jesus, the LORD made it clear that He was changing the message. I previously sent the audio for this, but what follows is the message in full (due to time restraints at the Camp)... The Glory of the Gospel (77k pdf) Click


Mary CraigPatmos, Greece and Greek Isles - Oct 2015

"My husband, Rev. Jim Craig, and I have just returned from a mission trip to Patmos. The call from the Holy Spirit was to

"...go to the Isle of Patmos and…declare the Revelation and command its fulfillment. You will call the islands of the world to repentance, to resurrection, and to renewal; and you will declare that from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same men may know there is none besides Me. Isaiah 45:6. …I am sending you to Patmos to declare the Revelation to John in the place where he received it"....
From Christ Pantokrator (106k pdf) Click


Seychelles, Mauritius (Africa) - March 2015

Praying in SeychellesTwenty-one years ago, just one year after MCM was organized, a group gathering for prayer generated a list of 27 nations: "everywhere you want to go and see God work." For a fledging ministry that task seemed out of reach; and then, the first two nations, Venezuela and India, were not even on the list! But MCM World Missions was born and walking.

Today, MCM World Missions has grown into a full team trained in spiritual warfare missions. Wanda heads up the missions work stateside as Home-based Strategy Coordinator. As prophetic words are received and the call comes to "GO," they are examined for the commission, the commands, and the commitment of God. As we say, the trip happens before the trip. All the scriptures pertaining to the words received are researched and declared out over the target nation(s) and region of the world. God has given us a strategy for "breaking the blood curse," a strategy for researching the history of a location, and strategies to meet the call as it has grown over the years.

In 1993, starting with the U.S.A., the call to me was to call the nation to repentance. Of course, this call goes out in churches everywhere, but in this case, it is an apostolic call. As we were faithful in that, the call was extended in 2000 to call the nations to resurrection. That began in Brazil as we saw God work amazingly, opening doors, selecting congregations whose pastors hear the Holy Spirit, and carrying goods to orphanages and the poor on the Amazon River system. In 2009 the apostolic call extended to the Last Judgment and in 2011 to call the nations to restoration under a mantle of revival and restoration along with a mantle to purify the people of God in preparation for the return of Christ.

Today MCM World Missions has been sent to 83 nations and all seven continents. The obedience of both the team going and the team at home is key. MCM measures success by obedience to do the will of the Father with the mind of Christ and the heart of the Holy Spirit....
From Watching God Work (190k pdf) Click

Word to Africa and the Islands, Mauritius and Seychelles (and the Nations)
March 21,2014, at Craighouse: The Word to Africa and its Islands, Mauritius and Seychelles

The call to Mauritius and Seychelles came February 14, 2014. On March 21, 2014, at Craighouse® Christian Fellowship, the commands and God's commitment began as this commission unfolded.

I am taking you to Seychelles and Mauritius and you will live and not die. Do not be deceived by what you see. Do not be fooled. Corruption is there and greed and all manner of injustice.

You will stand and declare out Micah, Amos, and Malachi. Matthew 24, Psalm 10. You will indict without hope for they are as Sodom and as Gomorrah to Me. I will bring My people out and then I will judge the islands. [Declare out isle and island verses.]

You will research their history. They have perverted My ways.

You will search for My witness to them missionaries, etc.

Destruction will come to many, for I will come, striking the nations with the rod of My mouth. Have I changed? Is not My holiness the same yesterday, today, and forever?...


JerusalemIsrael & Palestine/West Bank - May 2014

Our team of six just returned from Israel a few days ago.
This was the seventh call to Israel. The mission concerned the war between truth and lie, assessing and utilizing the strategy of Nehemiah and releasing the anointing of restoration to Jerusalem and to Israel, comfort to the elect, protection and preservation; about seeing the true condition of the place. It was about how God wins battles according to Scripture; about His Name as Mighty One Who Saves, and El Elyon [Most High God]. This mission was about God warring for the souls and the salvation of His people. We prayed for the will of the Father, the mind of Christ, and the heart of the Holy Spirit to prevail as the Bride of Christ is being prepared for Jesus' return and the nations are being sifted and sorted... From Journey to Samaria (96k pdf) Click


Fountain in Lyon, FranceLyon, France - Oct 2013

Mission trips are assignments from the LORD. For me, they usually begin with a “Go to...” It is a commission, with commandments to obey regarding the mission. I personally wait until there is also what I call the “I will” statements from God. The call to Lyon, France came back in February, 2013.

At that time, what I believe I received from the LORD was this... “ The days coming are dark, but I am the Light and strength within you...Proclaim Me among the nations, for I am ever doing something new, something glorious, things worthy of My Name...I am the God of surprising joy...... more (183k pdf) Click


American Samoa -- Palm trees blowingAmerican Samoa/Oceania - June 2013

This mission marked 80 nations, a milestone as we celebrate 20 years of MCM. Curiosity prompts many people to ask how these missions come about and how God leads through the whole process. So, I will respond because this, especially, is a God story.... more (282k pdf) Click


Map of Old City JerusalemJerusalem, Israel - Nov 2012
6th mission to Israel.

The sixth call to Jerusalem/Israel came January 20, 2012. It concerned war coming, people crying “how long” and God saying “how long.” It concerned God’s controversy with His people, His walking the streets of Jerusalem and going into every nook and cranny as El Roi searching, like Nehemiah making an assessment, and a visitation, about God coming as a Refiner’s Fire to purify His people [the elect]. Egypt comes up in these words received. Jesus comes as sovereign savior. Psalm 2 and Isaiah 30 figure into these words, Isaiah 40 and God as Jehovah Makkeh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Gibbor, Flame of Yah, and many others.... more (158k pdf) Click


Colombia - Oct 2012
As we were faithful to call first cities and then the USA and then nations to “repent or perish,” the Holy Spirit sent us to regions and all seas and finally to all seven continents to call them not only to repentance, but also to resurrection. This assignment from the Lord fulfilled Acts 1.8, to take the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth, an assignment that began in Jerusalem in March 1999. The strategy given to us became an instrument in the hand of the Lord to “break the blood curse.” As we were faithful in the beginning steps, God increased our authority and territory. Now we take the Tabernacles Anointing to the nations and call them to the Last Judgment. MCM’s motto is: In His Name, by His grace, for His glory. We have gone forth in His Name as His messengers and servants of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the Name of the Lord! In addition, we have received the commission to call the nations to restoration (2011), that all things return to the Father and be restored, that God be all in all (1 Corinthians 15).

Having the experience of 77 nations and 46 mission trips helps when thinking about “what God just did.” That’s what this report is about....
more (133k pdf) Click


Central America - Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Mayan people - Feb 2012
Over the past 18 to 19 years God has sent me and MCM mission teams to 75 nations with a call to bring healing and restoration to the Body of Christ, to prepare the Bride of Christ for His return, and to go to the nations where sent, calling them to repentance, to judgment, to resurrection, and to restoration. At first the “strategy” for the nations was short; but with each successive obedience, the strategy has grown and expanded. [“Do not look to the honor, but tend to the responsibility.” Charles Spurgeon] These days it takes many months and many people praying through Scripture, declaring out Scripture, researching regions of the world, fasting as called, and bringing a mission to completion. Even withal, we trust in God Himself completing and finishing what He desires and purposes concerning the nations.

MCM is a spiritual warfare ministry. We do other things as well, like our Barnabas Project distributions and Craighouse ® Christian Fellowship, but spiritual warfare is a main part of Mary Craig Ministries. It makes little sense to people unless they believe in a Sovereign God who is in control of history, in Jesus Christ as Ruler over the kings of the earth and who is Himself King of kings and Lord of lords, seated far above principalities and powers. It takes believing that the battle is spiritual (Ephesians 6) and one of Truth overcoming lies. It takes believing in a heavenly host, the armies of the Living God, an unseen army commanded by the Lord of Hosts. It takes obedience. It takes studying God’s Word and prophetic intercession and moving out in apostolic authority as given by the Living God.

Right now God is preparing a holy people, a holy Bride, a holy temple, a fruitful bough to dwell with Him forever. He is purifying His people. And so, I and the MCM mission team, walked into Central America crowned with glory; the glory of the LORD surrounding us and being our rear guard. For example, Olivia in Honduras recognized the Spirit of the Lord upon us and joined us, touched by the power of God as we called in Honduras. A man on a bus ride heard about the atoning work of Jesus Christ and was challenged to grow in his relationship with Christ. Many others heard the gospel as well; and some wondered as God stopped the rain in every country to which we went in answer to prayer. All were divine appintments.... more (167k pdf) Click

MCM Central America Mission
Dr. Mary Craig, Wanda, Marcy

Mission to Central America 1 Mission to Central America 2

Mary Craig Ministries: Touching, Training, and Transforming Lives
Through the Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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South Africa - Jan 2012

David Patten in South AfricaLife in Christ: Who's in Your Wallet???
(Mission to South Africa, Jan. 2012)
by David P.

Life in Christ: Who's in Your Wallet??? (Mission to S. Africa)

In America, we talk a lot about our God-given rights: The right to practice our faith, the right to a presumption of innocence in court, and the right to free speech.
Our inalienable rights, we are told, include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But there is another right, a right we also receive from God when we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior, that in some ways is the foundation for every other right that we enjoy. It is the right to be defined by who we are in Christ....

Mary and China houseAsia - Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, and Vietnam - Dec/Jan 2010-11
Hello, everyone. I have just returned from the China/Asia mission. The call of God took our MCM mission team to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, and Vietnam. We are sent to bring healing and restoration to the body of Christ, to prepare the Bride for the return of Jesus, and to call the nations, wherever God sends us, to repentance and to resurrection...

This particular mission involved breaking ancient strongholds, breaking the powers of Leviathan and the red dragon, breaking the power of shame, among other things, and bringing the word of the Lord to bear fruit as He pleases in the region. This mission had high...

On October 13, 2009 I received the following as part of a larger “word” which I believe to be of the Holy Spirit:
But now I send you back to Asia to counter and uproot ancient strongholds in My Name. I go before you to prepare the way. The area is dark with violence, murder, soul sleep, idolatry, shedding of innocent blood, blood sport, uncleanness, vile behavior. These lay dead in their pride; their proud hearts puffing as they strut along ancient paths of abominations, divination, demonic wisdom.... more (128k pdf) Click

2011: A Year of Tension (Mission to Asia) 1/15/11
. . .

I have just returned from our 40th MCM mission trip. This mission covered seven nations: Singapore, South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam. We have now taken the gospel of Christ to 72 nations. This high level spiritual warfare mission involved breaking ancient strongholds, breaking blood curses, praying for the peoples, releasing the Word of the Lord over the region, and just "being the messenger."

Surprise struck me. In the Philippines I was surprised to find that cock fighting was the favorite sport. A Roman Catholic Church in Manila had rooster lanterns all around the sanctuary. This blood sport, this shedding of innocent blood, was sanctioned, honored, and engaged in even on Sundays. I found China to be "Disney World" clean and the people efficient, courteous, and forward thinking. Tall high rises and commerce belie the communist government controlling life. I could see the future of the USA moving into godless mammon worship and materialism if God does not bring serious awakening and revival to our nation. I heard of many superstitions and one thing that brought me pause.

There is in some Chinese art the concept of "one stroke." This is the discipline that the first stroke must be the right stroke, that this stroke cannot be erased, and that any stroke that may perchance be wrong cannot be removed, only overcome in the art itself. The idea is this: what a person has done, or what has happened to a person in life cannot be undone. Unlike Western art, which is mostly representation, the Chinese artist sees and then comes in and paints, sometimes to capture a moment in time. The art reflects this in spirit, mood, and emotion. The closest to this "one stroke" discipline would be perhaps the art of the French Impressionists. But the idea that nothing can be undone in life can potentially hinder the impact of the gospel....
more Click

Israel-Galilee - March 2010
4th mission to Israel.

The MCM Galilee-Israel-Jerusalem Mission
March 1-10, 2010
Rev. Jim Craig, Kroy Ellis, Wanda, Betty & David

Map of Israel

Pastor Jim-Mt. Arbel 
Pastor Jim-Mt. Arbel 

David Patten-Mt. Arbel
David-Mt. Arbel

Betty Patten-Tel Dan
Betty-Tel Dan
. . .

Wanda Barlow-Megiddo


Lorraina (just saved a few minutes ago), Sara & Kroy Ellis
Lorraina (just born again a few minutes ago),
Sara & Kroy

Pastor Jim & Kroy praying for a pastor from India
Pastor Jim & Kroy praying for a pastor
from India

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Sea of Galilee

Sunrise on Sea of Galilee

Click to see more photos & video clips of Israel-Galilee

Click to see more photos and video clips of the Israel-Galilee Mission Trip March 2010

Jim, Kroy, Wanda, David and Betty made up the mission team in answer to the call to the Galilee, Israel and Jerusalem for March 2010. We prayed and declared God's word (quietly) throughout Galilee and Jerusalem and called for Jesus to return as he directed us (e.g. Acts 1:8-12). All was accomplished that the Lord gave us to do. The greatest miracle was the salvation of Lorraina who is from the Philippines. The Holy Spirit opened her understanding concerning her need to be born again as we went through the story of Nicodemus in John 3. She believed and received Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and so one more is preparing for His return.

David Patten
David's report: Meditations on Holy Journeys (80k) 4/10 by David P.

Just getting to Israel is a pilgrimage in itself. For us, there was a connection in Atlanta and another in New York. Then you board a Boeing 777 for the 11 hour flight to Tel Aviv.

Flying east, you lose another 7 hours due to the time shift. So a trip that began at 2 p.m. on Monday ends with a jet full of groggy travelers touching down in Tel Aviv a day later.

Quite a journey. Then after recovering your luggage and passing through Israeli customs, you board a bus for a 90-minute bus ride to Tiberias, the city built by the son of Herod the Great, Herod Antipas. Our hotel was a welcome haven.

Yet even then our journey had only begun....
more (80k pdf) Click

Who Holds the Key? (171k) 4/10 by David P.

...To visit Israel is in some ways to experience first-hand the gut-wrenching tragedy of man’s rejection of Christ’s love. And when you return, everyone you speak to about it asks the same question: “What was it like?” That’s an interesting question because usually when you return from a trip abroad people will ask you “How was it?” or “What did you see?” But when you go to Israel they ask you: “What was it like?” They’re asking you not just to tell them what you saw, but how you felt about what you saw: They’re asking you to share the experience, and also to share how the experience changed you. So here's my answer to that question.

I experienced two things that I believe have changed my outlook and faith forever. I am blessed to share them with you now.... more (171k pdf) Click

Wanda Barlow at Megiddo The Land of Milk and Honey: A Trip About Gardens and God (200k) 4/10 by Wanda

We toured from the snow-capped Mt. Hermon in the north to Masada at the Dead Sea in the south. We went from the Golan Heights in the east to Caesarea at the Mediterranean Sea on the west coast. This tiny embattled country, of about 325 miles long and 45 miles wide, is a land bridge connecting the three continents of Africa, Asia and Europe. The amazing geographical variety matches any geography on earth. The Jordan River flows from near the foot of Mt Hermon, that is 9,230 feet high, to the Sea of Galilee, that is 685 feet below sea level, and on to the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth at 1,290 feet below sea level. The area’s physical and spiritual history is recorded in the world history book written over a span of about 1,400 years, the Holy Bible. Existing locations and numerous excavations site discoveries support the accuracy of the Scriptures and expel myth theories. I prayed scriptures for peace in Israel and all nations.... more (200k pdf) Click

The Trip After the Trip, Moving Up in God (109k) 12/10 by Wanda

After re-entry [to "normal life" from the March Galilee/Israel mission], without the intensity of the trip or job duties, as I had retired a few months earlier, I felt like a fish floundering out of water. In one of his personifications, Jesus said “I will make you a fisher of men”.

I needed debriefing. I made plans to maintain our house and downsize clutter, do some photography, complete continuing education courses to maintain my CPA certificate., travel to visit family and my mother on her 102nd birthday, the Lord willing. I resumed attending church with my husband, Bible study, Craighouse functions, and talking on the phone or e-mailing with other “sheep”. In short, I kept busy while continuing to download and reflect on insights from the trip. I prayed. Finally, I realized my debriefing was to start writing.

Driving one day, this melody I first heard at “the little brown (gray) church in the vale” of my childhood in the Bible belt, surfaced in my thoughts.

I hear the Savior say,
“Thy strength indeed is small,
Child of weakness, watch and pray,
Find in me thine all in all.”
Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe,
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

As I pondered about the trip insights, I recalled many teachings that I had read from the Word and heard, especially at Craighouse....
more (109k pdf) Click

Words received for Jerusalem/Israel: Prophetic words received from 2000 to present.

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Iceland and Greenland, June 2009

The Iceland-Greenland Mission
June 10-17, 2009
Dr. Mary Craig, Wanda, Marcy

Iceland map Greenland map

Marcy & Dr. Craig
Marcy & Dr. Craig, Greeland


Children playing in Kulusuk, Greenland

Children playing in Kulusuk, Greenland

Fildelfia Church in Reykjavik, Iceland
Fildelfia Church in Reykjavik, Iceland

With Pastor Helgi, Reykjavik
With Pastor Helgi, Reykjavik

Dr. Mary at the Saefellsjokull Peninsula, Iceland
Dr. Mary at the Saefellsjokull Peninsula, Iceland

Wanda Barlow in Geysir Country, Iceland
Wanda in Geysir Country, Iceland

the Falls in Iceland
the Falls, Iceland


In March of 2008 I [Mary] received a directive to go to Iceland and Greenland, to declare God's Name from North to South, East to West; to release healing into the seas that it may flow into the oceans; that God will make bitter waters sweet. In December of 2008, I received from the Lord that He is roaring with a roar that will be heard over all the Middle East, that we should watch and be ready.

God's pattern is to come with a controversy with His people, with an indictment, in order that they see their sin, repent, and turn back to Him so that He can restore, heal, and bless His people and the land. In the word from December, 2008, the controversy was with God's people, that they do not love the truth but presume upon His grace; that He will teach them His ways for He is coming for a holy Bride and these must be prepared to receive/handle His glory, who He is. He is the Glorious One and a consuming fire, and in this word I received a call to go to Iceland and Greenland to release the glory of the Covenant Lord to cover the earth. "I will crown the earth with My glory and I will prevail against evil and darkness for I am the LORD and no man will prevail against Me."

Again, in April of 2009, I was instructed to build and to plant, to uproot and to destroy, to set the nations in order, to go to nations where I am sent, to rout and to ruin, to plunder and to pluck from the fire,
to go to Iceland and announce the coming of the Glorious One in their midst. "Rout out the demons of ancestry, alcohol, abuse, Abaddon, Apollyon, [king of destruction], anger, adversary, adversarial entities, confusion, collective pride, organized crime, violence, cloaking of righteousness, covetousness, clever, conspiracy, all that is hidden, secret, in the dark. Rebuke darkness, poverty of soul, bludgeoning of animals/seals, killing for greed/profit not for food, waste…Be gracious. I will complete all work I have in My heart and mind to do in Iceland and in Greenland. As you touch the soil you release that work I will do. You are the Instrument of Release. I am the Arm of the LORD. You, a mouth for the Voice of the Lord; I, the Arm for the hand of the Lord, an outstretched arm…Go in peace. Trust Me…"

June 10-17, I was accompanied by Wanda and Marcy. We prayed at different locations around Reykjavik, including the place where President Reagan met with Gorbachev, an original Viking settlement, government buildings, pagan worship locations, the power plant, and other strategic sites.

Sunday, June 14th, after a wonderful time of worship and testimony, I gave a message to the Fildelfia Church of God in Reykjavik. With the help of three of their congregation, we formally called Iceland to repentance and resurrection. After an inspirational sermon by Pastor Helgi on the life and character of Daniel, I had the congregation divide into small groups to pray for Iceland. The presence of God was strong; it proved to be a very anointed time of prayer.

This trip was about the glory of the Lord covering and filling the earth. (Numbers 14.21; Ps 72.19) In the days of Noah, the earth was filled with violence. (Gen. 6.11) God prevails; as His glory is the fullness of the whole earth. (Is. 6.3) For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the earth. (Hab. 2.14) This is Iceland's struggle-the Viking spirit of violence, marauding, pirating, and plundering (Amalekite) opposing the glory of God filling the earth.

This trip also concerned the conservation of God's good creation. All around was beauty, "big sky country." Icelanders are friendly to tourists, fun, soft-spoken, hearty, with long life spans, a pure water supply, and very careful in their use of everything. The end of this month David and Betty go to Iceland to complete our Iceland mission assignment. They will circle Iceland via the Ring Road and fly up to Grimsey Island in the Arctic Circle....
From Crowning the Earth with His Glory

Words Received

Angola, Iceland and Greenland 3/21/09

You will go to Angola and deliver My people from the strongholds of Satan and break the blood curse and the curse on the ground; for I, Kinsman-Redeemer, will go with you to prosper the word I will give you for My people.

You will go to Ireland and Greenland and I will provide that you may declare My Name from North to South, East to West, and you will release healing into the seas that it may flow into the oceans and I will make bitter waters sweet....

The glory of the Lord covers the earth 4/4/09

Yet a little while and you wil see the destruction of your enemies. You will rise to new heights. You will rise to reign in the power of the Highest to build and to plant, to uproot and to destroy, to set the nations in order, to go to nations where I send you. Do not presume where I will send you. It will not come from your heart or mind but from Mine.

I am He who travels on the wind to reach into the hearts of men to touch and to transform their lives. I am He who lives and breathes life into what is dead, dying, and moving to the grave.

I am the Lord and I rule with an iron rod, a rod of justice tempered by mercy....

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Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Nov. 2008
3rd mission to Israel. Info is coming.

Click to see  more photos & video clips of Israel-Jordan-Egypt

Click to see more photos and video clips of the Israel-Jordan-Egypt Mission Trip Nov 2008

Belgium, Netherlands, Rhineland (Europe), April 2008
Info is coming.

Ethiopia, Africa, Jan.-Feb. 2007

Ethiopia church ministry Ethiopia Mission Report and Pictures.pdf
There is no place on earth like Ethiopia. It has its own unique culture, history, calendar, way to tell time, geography, and church. It is truly another world....
To our surprise we find that Ethiopia is considered the head of all African nations. The Eighth Africa Union Summit was preparing to meet at the U.N. building starting Monday, January 29th. Leaders from 40 African nations come together to discuss the problems and issues of Africa. They came with their entourages, Mercedes cars, flags, and much excitement. Security was high. The weekend God chose for us to be here was no accident....

If anything stood out on our mission to Ethiopia, it was access to God. The prophetic word to Ethiopia was well received. The people in the Assemblies of God church in Addis Ababa applauded, cried “Amen,” and participated with outstretched arms pointing North, South, East, and West. This 14,000 members and growing church has come to the knowledge of Christ opening the way to the Father through His Blood sacrifice. They freely come within the veil even as they meet Christ without the gate. But in Axum, a place whose culture extends back to the Queen of Sheba, kings and kingdoms, the Falasha Jews, and Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, access to God blurs in a blend of progressive revelation. Women and children cling to gates of a church open only to men. The free grace of the gospel is cloaked with the garments of a religious system of ritual re-enactments designed to help illiterate people understand the Bible’s message but which can also become a religion of works-righteousness, a form of godliness but denying the power of God.

Jesus Christ is the Ark of the Covenant in the new covenant of grace. He houses the Law. He is the Manna. He is the Resurrection. He rents the veil into the Holy of Holies so that all who believe may come to the Father freely, by grace, through faith which works by love. Access. I was sent to Ethiopia to declare the word of the Lord and to open the gates that bar the way to the Father, to proclaim the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to say, “Let the little children come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” “There is neither male nor female in Christ.” The wall of partition has been broken down and all who believe may come into the presence of God. His Presence is not in a building made with hands and controlled by priesthood or a king; but His Presence is in those who belong to Jesus Christ, who have been purchased by His Blood, in a temple not made with hands. So today, if you are hungry and thirsty for the living God, come freely without cost and access the Father through the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit.... [From MCM February email update.]

See also Access to God - Message of the Month and the prophetic words given for Ethiopia on the Prophetic Messages page.

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Mozambique, Africa, May 24 - June 2, 2006

Mozambique photoMary, Susan and Stephen made the trip to Maputo, Mozambique. Most of the people have little religious background. The country was a Marxist regime until recently. The team joined the Maputo International Christian Fellowship for worship on May 28th. After the service, Pastor Jon invited them to their Sunday evening prayer service and gave them permission to call Mozambique to repentance and resurrection, release the prophetic words to Mozambique, and to lead the group in prayer for the nation.

Next, they ministered to the staff and children at Casa das Formigas (House of Ants).

For the complete story, see The Obedience of Faith - Message of the Month.

See also the prophetic words given for Mozambique on the Prophetic Messages page.

Maputo Pictures.pdf
Our MCM mission team to Maputo, Mozambique (Steve, Sue, and Mary) thought you would like to see some of the pictures taken on our trip. The first pictures come from Casa das Formigas (House of Ants), a residential home caring for 500 children daily. You can read more about the faith-walk of its founder, Delci, in my message of the month for June....

News from Mozambique
Portuguese head to booming Mozambique to escape eurozone crisis, CNN Marketplace Africa 8/15/12

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City of David/Jerusalem, Dec 2005

Click to see more photos of the original City of David

Click to see more photos and depictions of the original City of David

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Zambia and Zimbabwe, Africa, Aug 4 - 12, 2004

Mary and son Steve arrived in Livingstone, Zambia on Aug. 6th. Mary had received a word from God almost a year earlier to go to Zimbabwe and declare his Word there. God confirmed the call in several ways, and much research and preparation was done for the trip.
. . .
Mary's correspondence on Aug. 8th:

We made it to Zambia. I am sitting in Ranji's offices. We arrived Friday okay, but one piece of luggage didn't make it and still hasn't gotten to us. It was the large duffel bag full of the clothing for the orphans here. We have been trying to track it down, but now it seems that the duffel bag ended up at the airport in Zimbabwe! So we will see what God does with it.

We had a visit from some monkeys right outside our door. We have also seen two black cats. One looks like Annabel and Melly and was very friendly. We have also seen elephants up close and some other wild things. The weather is much like Florida except cool at night.
. . .
Today we had a very anointed service right at the hotel. Ranji arranged to have a room for us and there were about 100 people there. I gave the message and we called in Zambia and Zimbabwe, gave the word of the Lord [for Zimbabwe and Africa], and broke into groups to pray for Zambia and Africa. Then I prayed for all the people, which took hours, but the Holy Spirit moved powerfully and the worship leader saw the wonder of the worship. Then we came to Ranji's home for lunch and now to the office and then we are going to visit the homes housing the orphans.

The hotel meeting on the 8th was very anointed with God's presence and power. A great amount of healing and deliverance took place among the people and children. Orphanage staff and children, hotel workers, and visitors filled the room for the service. They were very receptive, teachable and affected by the ministry of God's Word and the Holy Spirit.... See Mission to Zambia and Zimbabwe for moreClick

Word of the Lord for Zimbabwe Oct 15, 2003

Word of the Lord for Africa Jan 29, 2004

A Father to the Fatherless - The story of Ranji, Dr. Chara and Ebenezer Orphanage May 7, 2004

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Email from Ebenezer Orphanage Zambia - Oct. 2004

From: ranji
To: Mary Craig
Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2004 6:10 AM
Subject: Hello

Dear Pastor Mary,

I trust you got my letter asking for prayer for all the children who went for VCT [HIV tests]. The Holy Spirit led us to do this and I believe it is to bring Glory to God.

On Sunday I had a powerful Word from the Lord and I took it to the children.
I had cried out to God as a mother asking him to give us 100% negative results and I know it is impossible in the natural, but we do not live in the natural, do we?

The Word on Sunday was from Mtt. 9:27-29
2 blind men
followed Jesus, first on the streets and then into the house.
The question the Lord was asking is,
"are you following Jesus or are you following your own ways?"

They kept on crying out for Mercy: 2nd question was,
"are you persistent in your cry for God to show you His Mercy?"

The 3rd was that they recognized they had a problem: the Lord was asking us
"Do you see you have a problem and do you believe I can heal you?"

We had a powerful time of prayer and all were crying out to God. Jeevani then had a Word from the Lord, and it was 1 Sam. 15:22,23 She talked about the Lord wanting Obedience more than sacrifice. Rebellion is like witchcraft and arrogance like idolatry.

As we were repenting for arrogance and rebellion and exchanging these things for our healing, Perry, the young lad in house 3 whom you prophesied a great deal saying that God has called him to be a prophet and apostle, (we were very shocked at hearing you say that because this boy didn't stand out among the spiritual guys in that house.)

For the first time in his life he came up and said he had a Word from the Lord.( I said in my
heart, "Mary Craig, you were right")
The Word he got was from Eze. 18:30-32
God was talking of repentance, turning away from sin,
The Lord was saying, "Rid yourselves of all the offences you have committed and get a new heart and spirit, why will you die, O House of Ebenezer [orphan ministry]?"
The Holy Spirit fell as each one started confessing sin and crying out to God and it was so powerful.

I knew all the children were very, very scared of the results, mostly the older ones, they knew what they'd been doing in the past but Now God was offering His Mercies, if we would only repent and turn away from those sins.

I went this morning to have the results, and it was - 96% NEGATIVE.......... HALLELUJAH,

4 of them will re-tested tomorrow because their blood clotted.
We are believing God for a 100% negative result and we know He will have mercy and do it.

Kindly pray for our home, our house seems to be under attack, Jeevani has Malaria, I have very high Blood Pressure and Leah is also sick.
But you know what? Even when we take a Licking, we come back Kicking.........

I have put Paul Wilbur day and night and we are singing God's Praise. We are on Victory ground.
love you loads and loads and we are always praying for you.


Comment from Mary:

Testing the children for AIDS was prompted by our questions to them as to whether they ever had the children tested. They said they did not because their rationale was that if a child lived to be 10 years old, they didn't have it. But after we left, they thought about and then went ahead with having the children tested for HIV/AIDS.

A Word for the Believers in Zimbabwe 7/14/08

Recommended news articles on Zambia and AIDS

Twenty years after the first case of AIDS was diagnosed, Zambians continue to live in denial, fear and confusion when it comes to acknowledging the epidemic....
Zambia: Stigma "The Fear of Helplessness" - IRIN News Nov 29, 2003

No-one can live or even visit Zambia without being touched by the devastating effect of AIDS.
AIDS in Zambia - BBC Dec 2003

News from Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe in the news
Since June 1, 2005

Zimbabwe crackdown - More than 22,000 arrested by Mugabe government - BBC News 6-3-05
Mugabe’s regime lays waste to buildings in new terror tactic - Sunday Times 6-5-05
What lies behind the Zimbabwe demolitions? - BBC News 6-17-05
'The beginning of the end' - Mail&Guardian 6-21-05
Zimbabwe razing garages, cottages, chicken coops in wealthier suburbs - CNN 7-11-05
Acting President Joice Mujuru Launches Shona Bible - All 1/28/06
Zimbabwe Nighmare - Christianity Today 4/1/06
ZIMBABWE: People flock to church as inflation tops 1,000 percent - IRIN News 5/16/06

New Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Under Pressure From His Party Over Prosecutions - VOA News 7/2/09
Zimbabwe Country and Leader Profile and News - BBC News 4/09
Latest news and stories from Zimbabwe (Torture, slaughter, over 1mm orphans) -- BBC News 6/29/09
National Healing and Reconciliation - Lesson's from Haiti -- Prime Minister Morgan R. Tsvangirai's Official Website 2/10

...The coming of a curse onto a nation is clearly spelt out in Deuteronomy 28. It characterizes the citizens of a nation going into exile, foreigners besieging a nation, the economy plunging and so on. As God judged then he continues to judge even now. It is the responsibility of Church leaders to be watchmen; sanctifying the congregation and to help people become salt and light in their communities. The law of the land which governs the people must come from the Church through the revelations of the Priests as revealed in the book of Malachi.

Now how does a nation break a curse? Again the book of Joel gives us the guidelines; Sound the alarm on his holy hill, call for prayer and fasting and sanctify the congregation. 2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us that if we humble ourselves, repent from our sins and cry out to God through Prayer, he will heal our land. Have the people who partook in murder before humbled themselves and repented? Should we continue to celebrate the people who murdered hundreds as heroes? These are some of the questions that one might have with regards to National Healing. We all want the economy to pick up, we all want to have God bless our nation. God however has principles and guidelines which must be followed.

Mary Craig in her prophecy to Zimbabwe in 2003, says God is saying to Zimbabwe Bring to me that which alone can atone for the shedding of blood i.e. the blood of Jesus Christ which she said the people of Zimbabwe fail to honour, apply, and sprinkle on their evil consciences. She also reveals that Zimbabwe is in a time of curse and judgment for failing to bring the peace offering acceptable to God. It is the duty of Church leaders to sanctify the congregation. Should we continue to ignore all these prophetic voices and instead celebrate past murders and hates? I believe it is now the time for the nation and its people, black or white, to take concrete and decisive steps towards National Healing.... (By blogger shekinah 2/10)


The International Bible Society (IBS) released a contemporary Shona Bible translation recently in Zimbabwe, making God’s Word more accessible to 10 million speakers there. More than 3,000 church and government leaders welcomed the translation of God’s Word in their contemporary language at a dedication ceremony where IBS President Peter Bradley presented the Bible to Zambian Vice President Arnai Joyce Mujuru.

Leaders from Christian denominations and churches, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, and the Christian business community also attended the ceremony. IBS Vice President P.L.N. Murthy added, “Inasmuch as the nation of Zimbabwe is going through very challenging times, God’s Word becomes more meaningful each day.
The launch of the Shona Bible plays a crucial role in bringing a message of hope to the nation.” Shona is Zimbabwe’s dominant language.

Intercessors Network

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Antarctica, Dec 16, 2002 - Jan 5, 2003

Antarctica Mission: Testify of God's Wondrous Works Jan 2003
People were calling it "a miracle day." A biologist who had been on expeditions to Antarctica more than six years said he could count on one hand days like it. Others said, "We must have angels with us." And while some attributed the experience to the "weather gods" and others called us "lucky" or said "lady luck" was with us, we passed the word along that the glory went to the one, true God and that people had been praying for this trip for nearly a year ahead.

After a few days of uncanny good weather, the 134 members of the Antarctica expedition began to notice the difference. Then, when we entered the Drake Passage (named for Sir Francis Drake) and the winds and waves were at "force 2" instead of the usual "force 10," people talked even more. But then when we had sunshine, blue skies, calm seas, and headed into Neko Harbor for an unscheduled landing on Antarctica proper, the buzz really increased.

Preach the Whole Counsel of God The prophetic message given while in Antarctica.

Antarctica Mission Revisied 2015 More about Antarctica and the Antarctica mission of 2002.

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Singapore & Mercy Ministries, March 2002

MCM Update 8/1/02
Mission to Singapore: In October, MCM sponsored a Target Asia prayer campaign. In March, Mary and Betty traveled to Singapore to call in Asia to repentance and resurrection in Jesus Christ. See the "MCM Quarterly Newsletter for June" for more details.

Ministries of Mercy: Donations of money, clothing, supplies, and toys for children have been and are being distributed to ministries at home and worldwide, most recently to God's Little Acres, His Caring Place, His Walk, Peru Orphanage, World Harvest Missions Outreach, AOG Madagascar orphanage, and Trinity Community Church.

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South Pacific, Madagascar, and Southeast Asia, 2002

MCM Update 2/12/02
Mary and Marcy have just returned from their three week missionary trip to
New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania, with special focus on the aborigines and the principalities revolving around these people and Ayers rock in the middle of the continent. (See Warning -- This is a very new age author (Please pray for her to find the True Light -- Jesus!), but typical of the spiritual stuff surrounding this rock.) The message God has given Mary to the people in all the continents where He is sending her is, "Repent or perish," and the call to resurrection in Jesus Christ.

A Missionary's Journal: About the trip to New Zealand, Australia and Tazmania.

A previous missionary trip [a year and a half ago] was to Madagascar. See the prophetic articles, "Go to Madagascar" and "The Word for Madagascar" for the words God gave Mary before she made the trip. Along with ministry in the spiritual realm, Mary was able to bring clothes, toys for the orphans, and provide according to God's direction enough money for 20 new mattresses to replace the terribly dilapidated ones the boys in the orphanage were sleeping on. Mary was extremely blessed by the hard work, love, and dedication of the AOG missionaries there. [See the letter from Madagascar for more.]

Before that was Jerusalem and the East Gate with Pastor Jim and others, which was a surprise call that shook a lot of things up for all of us. God is preparing his bride and preparing the way for his soon return! It is acknowledged and a blessing to know that many other ministers, missionaries, and co-laborers are being sent out on similar missions as the Holy Spirit directs them. This is just a small part of God's overall plan to prepare for Jesus' coming.

Next stop,
Southeast Asia with Betty. This ministry trip will have a special focus that has been on God's agenda regarding all of Asia.

Mary receives requests to minister in many places. Right now she is mostly staying close to whatever the Holy Spirit directs her to do, which presses her and the ministry to the very limit.
He has given her and the ministry a list of 27 countries that she is to deliver His message to, covering all the continents. She has led mession teams to 42 countries so far, 19 of them from the list.

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Madagascar Mission, Oct 2000

The trip to Madagascar: Enter into His Gates With Thanksgiving

"I’m just the messenger," I said to the director of Orphelinat Assemblee de Dieu in Antananarivo, Madagascar. I showed him the suitcase and oversized duffel bag full of clothes and shoes, toys and trinkets, supplies and little extravagances we had brought from America for the children. "Je parle francais un peu," I said. "I speak English a little," he said. And so we began to communicate God’s love for this island nation.

Eyes widened as ears strained to hear the "word" I had received for Madagascar. I explained that God had sent me all that way to break the poverty over the land and to exhort the people to repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. To the director and the 41 children of this orphanage run by the Assemblies of God, we were the blessings of God dropping out of the sky....

Letter from Missionary to Madagascar - June 2003

Dear Mary,

Thank you, again, for your contribution to the orphanage and school. We greatly appreciate your love and generosity for the orphans.

I'm not sure if you are aware of the political change in Madagascar. When you came to pray for Madagascar, you stated in your paper [a prophetic message Mary gave to the missionaries -- See the Prophetic page] that Madagascar was in bondage, poverty, stricken, etc., but that God was going to break that bondage. This did happen in Dec 2001 through to June 2002. Madagascar elected a new president (Marc Ravalomanana) who is a Christian. Of course, there were 6 months of great turmoil because the old president wouldn't recognize Marc as the new president. Then, George Bush said the USA would recognize the new president, and other major powers followed. The old president is in exile in France.

We have given thanks many times for the word that you gave. God is so faithful!

May God continue to bless you in your work for Him.

Pat Blue (Missionary to Madagascar)

Madagascar in the news
Since December 2001

As of 2001, Madagascar was ranked 135 of 162 nations in economic development in the United Nations Development Program.

Who won the election? Court orders second poll round - AFROL News 1/25/02
Marc Ravalomanana "seizes power" on Madagascar - AFROL News
Self-proclaimed Madagascar president unveils his government - China People's Daily
Ravalomanana takes control with US support - World Socialist Website
Ravalomanana now sole President of Madagascar - AFROL News
Second coming in Madagascar - BBC
Madagascar president tells churches to play frontline role - All Africa News Agency
Madagascar has oil - Forum Madagascar
"Madagascar's back!" -- president makes his pitch - Forum Madagascar
Madagascar reintegrated into African Union - AFROL News
Poverty deepened in Madagascar, but "implementing poverty reduction strategy..."
Malagasy economy right on track, Ravalomanana praised for anti-corruption initiative
Down to business in Madagascar - BBC 3/25/05
A nice dairy tale - Economist 12/7/06

2009 Malagasy Political Crisis
Madagascar president bows to inevitable - BBC 3/17/09
'I fear a civil war' - BBC 3/17/09
Madagascar's young new leader - BBC 3/21/09
Malagasy Political Crisis 2009 - Wikipedia
Madagascar's Plunge (from article on the current ruler) - Wikipedia

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Jerusalem, March 1999

March 9 my husband Jim, Susan Smith, Donna Lambertus, and I travel to Jerusalem, the city the psalmist called "the joy of the whole earth." (Psalm 48:2) Like other MCM missions, this one is being organized by the Holy Spirit. It has come about because of a time in prayer January 6th. During that time, I received a clear call to "go to Israel" to the east gate, the gate that is now locked, and to open the gate [spiritually]. I understood this to mean that as I prayed for this gate to open, God would do His part as He pleased concerning this gate. I was then instructed to ask God to break the blood curses; that He would now lift the self-imposed curses and those He has imposed concerning the Jewish peoples so that they might come to Him at this time. I then had a vision of people streaming through this east gate, in twos, and threes, and fours, from everywhere. When I asked what was on the other side of this gate, the glory of God enveloped me…and then I understood....moreClick

From "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem"

In Jerusalem (where we were sent this March), we were escorted directly to the East Gate by a Muslim guide provided by God. We went, as directed, to the Wailing Wall. We found ourselves before the shrine of the Queen of Heaven and stood in agreement with all of God's heart concerning this counterfeit Holy Spirit.

The gospel was preached atop Mount Zion toward Israel over the Valley of Hinnom. There we called in the harvest, breaking fallow ground, pulling weeds, removing rocks of offense. In the valley of the shadow of death, between two walls, we released the anointing of peace and blessing to Jerusalem. As we finished, families of orthodox Jews passed before us in the wave of that anointing.

To those who gave of their time and money to this mandated Jerusalem mission, I thank you. In April I go with our daughter Joanna to proclaim the judgment of God's word on the Queen of Heaven at
Rome, at Athens, at Delphi, at Ephesus, and at Istanbul.

May the true Comforter, the Holy Spirit of Christ, come to you with the peace of Christ, King of Salem, King of Righteousness. Open your gates that the King of Glory may come in (Psalm 24).

From "Come Out of Her My People"

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Nations Visited

Nations Visited by MCM
Nations visited by MCM Teams with the Gospel and ministry as of Sept. 2018
Missions updates for details about some of the mission trips

North America

United States
.....Nationwide, including Washington, DC
.....Migrant farm workers in South Florida
.....Lebanon, KS (Geographic center of contiguous U.S.A.)
.....Four corners of U.S. (Miami, NY,Seattle,San Diego,Other points)

.....Nova Scotia*
.....Toronto, Ontario 2x

Central America

Costa Rica*

South America



Virgin Islands, British*
Virgin Islands, U.S.*
Puerto Rico*


Belgium (2x)
Great Britain
.....England* (3x)
France* (2x)
Germany (2x)
Greece & Gk Isles* (2x)

Netherlands (2x)


Japan (2x)
Singapore (2x)
South Korea
Turkey (3x)

Middle East

Israel / Palestine / West Bank (10x)
United Arab Emirates (Dubai, UAE)

South Pacific / Oceania

French Polynesia
New Zealand* (2x)
Samoa, U.S.
Samoa, Western


Deception Island
Neko Harbor
St George Island


South Africa (2x)

North Atlantic


*Nations on the original "List" of 27 nations

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