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Word received by Mary Craig
Oct 15, 2003

.....The word of the Lord to Zimbabwe is: Mend your fences. Protect your borders. Isaiah 58.
.....I am the Repairer of the Breach who comes to you to say that believers in Zimbabwe must immediately mend broken hearts in your midst, restore the dignity of stripped souls, cast out bitterness from your waters, terminate the strife of contentious waters, and repent for the ways, the days of oppression.
.....The oppressed cry and I hear their prayer. You are in a time of curse and judgment, not because you have not sought reconciliation and peace in the earthly realm, but because you have not brought to Me the peace offering of My Son Jesus Christ. You are out for blood and seek to eat the fat. Leviticus 3
.....Bring Me that which alone can atone for the shedding of blood, the blood-guilt. Bring Me My Son's Blood, which you fail to honor, fail to apply, fail to sprinkle over your evil conscience, your depraved mind, your vessels and tabernacles of ministry.
.....I am coming to you, Zimbabwe, in judgment which will begin with the house of God, but I give you time to repent, for I am a gracious Lord, Ruler over the kings of the earth.
.....Can I not topple the regime you are under? Can I not move heaven on your behalf? But your hearts are not broken. Neither are they contrite. Psalm 51
.....Come to Me in brokenness and I will break the yoke from off your back. Seek My yoke and move with Me under that yoke.
.....You will know no rest until you "kill the sons of Saul" who struck the Gibeonites.* Overcome.
.....I have set My eyes upon you and heard your despair. You wander in the wilderness, remembering the former days. But I am doing a new work in you, to bring you into a new place in Christ My Son.
.....Come to the waters. Ezekiel 47.1-11. Let them rise. Come thirsty--very thirsty. You will be so thirsty and dry, for I create this thirst in the wilderness time. I test you, your hearts. Will you desire Me? Will you come to the Fountain of Living Waters to drink without cost?
.....I have called you by My Name and you are Mine. I have set My love upon you and nothing can separate you from My love. Even now I have My prophets and apostles ready to come to you in power. The holy host of heaven stand ready before My command. I will give it soon.
.....Repent. House of God, it begins with you.


*Note: "Killing the sons of Saul" is not to be taken literally, but metaphorically, for overcoming, as in the seven churches of Revelation.

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