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Word for Madagascar

Word received by Mary Craig
July 19, 2000

Go to Madagascar and tell this nation that I long to answer their heartfelt prayers for revival, prosperity, growth in grace, release from persecution and prisons of their own making. Nevertheless, they must repent and believe the gospel. I came to them before, and was not received. They chose their gods, their idols, their goddesses, their kings and princes, and objects fashioned of their own making. They came to reject Me and despise Me. They rejected those I sent to them. They tore them as flesh in the mouth of lions. And now they seek deliverance from the curse, the shame of their guilt, their poverty.

And I will deliver them as they repent and turn to Me. I will/am sending My messengers once again to proclaim the truth, to present My claims, to promote justice in the land; and will Mine be received now? Will they recognize My anointed in their midst? Will they see the workers of the truth? Will they seek Me until they find Me?

And when My Spirit blows across the land, how much will be chaff, and how much wheat?

Look to the desires of the heart. Look and live, for I come to judge this nation. Weep for the woes, for the sin, for the corruption, for persecuting the prophets of God. Wail and mourn until the Comforter comes. Feel the brunt of sin and your need for a Savior. See the futility of your pride, your idols, your self-indulgences.

Why seek ye the living amount the dead? You honor the dead, but He who is alive forevermore, you honor not.

Repent, for I am coming to judge what is living and what is dead. Repent, for I come to you Madagascar. I come with fire in the heat of My passion.

For the Day of the LORD is at hand, and the LORD is the Spirit. Where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty.

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