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Preach the Whole Counsel of God

Jan 1, 2003

(Given while ministering in Antarctica)

The elect from every nation will come in and then the wrath of the Lamb shall be released upon those who disobey and disbelieve the Christ, the Child of the Holy Ghost. Many will blaspheme and mock the Holy Ghost, sealing their destiny as children of wrath, even as preachers water down the gospel more and more, denying the lake of fire, denying Gehenna and any and all places of punishment. The people will be armed into delusion so as no longer to despair of their sin and godlessness, lawlessness and apostasy.

But you, preach the
whole counsel of God. Guard the truth. Love the truth. Proclaim the truth, not according to the social constructs of man, but according to the construct of God. Hold fast to Him and to His Word in the hearing of itching ears.

As their doom impends upon them, they think themselves pure, okay, good, unworthy of such destruction, for they see not their sin, their falling short. In diminishing the holiness of God, they judge Him and desire Him to be as they are. They are less than they should be and could be and so they desire to make God the Almighty less than He is and will be.

Suffer with those who will come to Craighouse. [or to your church or sphere of influence for Christ] Love them. Give them the truth and pray they will receive, acknowledge the truth and conform to it.

Little ones, keep yourselves from idols. Remain alert and watchful. Be innocent as doves but wise. Let wisdom enter your hearts. Be guided by the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of God.

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