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Word for Jerusalem and the nations 1/13/06
Watch, O watchman on the wall, and see what happens in My city Jerusalem, for I am on the move, and no one and nothing will stop Me from fulfilling all My good pleasure.

You will see it with your eyes what I do in Jerusalem for I am visiting that city, and I will judge between what is dead and what is living, and many will know this day of visitation.

The nations are gathering -- taking sides, and I will judge the nations in the Valley of Decision. Who is mine? Where is My name honored? Who promotes justice in the land and preserves My truth? Where is the nation that acts in righteousness?

You will be surprised as My decision rolls from My throne of justice, and justice rolls down like water from before Me.

Take heed. For I AM and there is no other. The days of repentance grow shorter. Take heed, I say. Tell the people to repent, and I will receive them if they return to Me.

I am coming to you Mozambique 1/20/06
Oh, Mozambique, ravished and pillaged even by My own people, for centuries you have lain in poverty, the seeds sown years ago by your idolatry, man-slaying, and spilling of innocent blood.

I am coming to you, Mozambique, and when I do I will with the fire of My love for you, for I AM FLAME OF YAH, and I am a consuming fire coming to deliver you and purge you from dead works to serve Me the living God....

Word for Mozambique 2/3/06
(See also
I am the Holy One in Your Midst)

Word received by Dr. Mary Craig February 3, 2006

Mary's prayer-- Jesus, You are Lord and You reign in Mozambique. God grant us grace that we won't go ahead of you or fall behind, but keep in step with the Holy Spirit.
. . .
There is a stirring of the Spirit in Mozambique. It is the beginning of waves of glory. A toe in the water will begin it. It will start a ripple, and it will grow into a tsunami and I will cover the earth with My glory, waters of life.

I will judge their witchcraft. I will break its yoke. I despise their abominations. They march their demons, eat and fellowship with demons, worship demons, and I am coming to you, Mozambique and I will break you with a rod of iron. I will not spare. For I will set My people free. Though the heart of Pharaoh is hardened, My people will come out of Egypt. For their gods are dead. No-gods. And I am the Living Word, the Living God. I am the faithful and true, and I am coming to you, Mozambique.

Be in Me 2/4/06
I will do a work in your midst that though you see it, you will not believe it. But you must believe to see it, for I desire to do this work -- and I will lose no energy in doing this work nor will I lose sleep nor will I be diminished in any way. For you must come to understand that I AM He who is. I AM eternal I AM. I am a never-ending source of life and blessing. I am a never-ending Source, and when I work, lose no energy nor am I diminished in capacity so as to need to rest or sleep or be rejuvenated or re-created. I AM He who lives. The fountain of life.

And I pour My life into you that you might in Me live and move and have your being. Be in Me and you will do as I did, for I am in the Father and did that which I saw the Father doing.

See the connection between being and doing....

A meadow filled with children 3/17/06 (Susan Smith, on Mozambique mission team)
Come my daughter
and I will show you a meadow
Filled with children
with outstretched arms
Crying to be filled

Their bellies are hungry
Their mouths are dry
Their minds are disturbed
They are little souls
crying out
And I have heard their cries
and I am coming to their meadow

I will walk the length and the breadth of it
With every footstep
I will defeat my enemies
And I will heal their land

Believe, Just believe.

I am coming to you Mozambique 5/13/06
I am coming to you Mozambique.
I am that I am. I Am comes to you Mozambique. I am coming to judge what is dead and living. I am coming for my own. I will draw them from the mire, from the dusty streets, from muddy rivers. My own will come to me. My own will come to me and I will bless them and they will know Me to be the faithful God.

I will turn your politics to make way for the King of Kings and Lord of lords. For I have heard the cries of the weak and of the oppressed and so I come and will I find faith?

What do you want, Mozambique? 5/13/06
As the heat has entered your room, so I will come as the Spirit of burning and judgment to Mozambique. As the only relief has been a gentle breeze, so the only relief to Mozambique will come from the wind of my Spirit.

What do you want, Mozambique?...

Word for Zimbabwe 6/1/06
Received June 1st, 2006, London, England. Dr. Mary Craig.

Darkness, deep darkness covers Zimbabwe, but in you I have placed My light and I will send the fire of purging to Zimbabwe to purge the land and cleanse it and to sanctify My people and draw up out of the ashes, a people to My praise whom I can bless and prosper. I will cut them off from lawlessness, from their lawless deeds and evil wickedness and I will turn their hearts to worship Me and serve Me in spirit and truth. I will cut them off from ancestral witchcraft and the ways of the ancients. I will silence the mouths of the graves. I will drive out demons and devils and lead the people into truth and out of fear, doubt, despair and debt. They will honour Me in lawfulness that I might bless them and I will open the heavens over My people and it will be seen that I AM the Possessor of heaven and earth, their shield and exceeding great reward, El Shaddai, the Almighty. I AM and there is no other.

What do you see as you look for my appearing? 6/9/06
O watchman on the wall, what do you see as you look for My appearing? Do you see lightning flashing across the sky? Do you see a thief in the night? Do you see every eye seeing Me? Do you see Me coming in the clouds of glory with the saints, on a white horse, how?

How shall it be? How shall all the scriptures be fulfilled perfectly? Yet I tell you that every word of God is true and it will all happen just as the scriptures prophesy, because the scriptures cannot be broken, not by any devil or any man.

Do you believe that I am He, the True Vine, the Resurrection and the Life, the Good Shepherd, the Bread of Life, the Alpha and Omega, that before Abraham was, I AM? I am the Way the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me. I am the Door, the only way to the Father.

And I am coming for a holy Bride. Come out and be separate. Come out of hypocrisy, out of pretense, out of perversion, pride, the passions of the flesh. Come out of the sin that so easily entangles and be sanctified.

Great change is in the wind. Great change. Those who thought they knew Me, who have done thus and so in My Name will discover I never knew them. A shaking, a purging, a purifying comes and I will know My own and they will know Me.

My own. My own. I know them, each once, and My sheep hear My voice and follow Me. These follow the Lamb wherever He goes and I will lead them to Myself.

You must learn My ways 6/20/06
Soon I will judge the Great Whore, for her time is at hand that I should judge her according to My Word. And as for you, My people, you must no more bear the mark of the beast, nor will you soon be able to conduct business according to the system of the world, but you must learn and do according to Me, buying from Jehovah as I say in My Word.

The old ways, the ways of the world, will not work in the lives of My own, but you shall seek Me to find Me and you shall come to draw of the Living Waters fully without cost. Learn of Me, My ways, that you may live and not die.

And if you know that I AM the Bread of Life and of Me and in Me are true riches, if you know My Word to bring My Word to Me as you would money to the bank and have faith in Me to fulfill My Word, you shall live and not die.

Joshua 1:8, Proverbs 3. Find out the ways of My kingdom, how to buy and how to sell, how to give, how to receive, how to bless, how to be blessed.... For the time is short.

And soon I will manifest Myself in glory to all nations and I will judge the nations and will I find faith on the earth in the hearts of My people? How shall you then live?

Looking for My appearing 6/23/06
There is a stirring of My Spirit. It starts as a drop and becomes a ripple and then a wave. Waves of My glory are coming upon the earth -- here -- there.

And will you open your hearts to receive Me when I come? Will you stretch out your neck looking for My appearing as does My creation? Will you even now be preparing to meet Me in My glory?...

Word for Ethiopia 7/7/06
O Ethiopia, Ethiopia, how long have I held you in My heart and spoken of you in My Word. All these many years you persevere and in you I have Mine who follow Me and worship Me in spirit and in truth. I have these who seek after Me with their whole hearts and desire to do all My will. In, within your borders, I have Mine who know Me because they submit to My authority in humble submission and experience Me in obeying My Word, in obeying Me as I am truth. (John 7.16-18) These obey and keep My commands and I confess them before My father and the Holy Angels and I intercede for them and I love them.

But I see evil in the land and despots and tyranny and I am not pleased for I would that you be delivered the evil and perverse man, from those who persecute you and hold you in derision for your faith in Me.

I am coming to you, Ethiopia, and I am preparing My servants to step onto your soil. I am even now increasing the anointing on their lives that they may live and not die and do all My good pleasure when they come to you, Ethiopia....

Do you see? Will you look to Me? 7/21/06
Do you see their hearts' desire against My city Jerusalem? Do you see, O watchman on the wall, what they plot on their beds in the night seasons? Do you see that even now the cloak of righteousness is falling and with the dismantling of this cloak, their lawlessness will be revealed and the motives of their evil hearts will be exposed?

O My people, My people, prepare for war. For even now the kings of the earth stand ready to gather together as one to fight against My holy hill, to slay the Creator and take His place. Psalm 2

Yet they follow the Plan for I AM Creator and Redeemer and I will redeem My people. Behold I am coming with clouds and I will restore all things to Myself and I will usher forth a new heavens and a new earth. I am He who formed you in the womb and I will bring you into the glory of My presence....

Go to Ethiopia 7/28/06
Go to Ethiopia, for I have many people there and I desire to bless them. I desire to see them grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I desire to deliver them from evil. I desire to set them free from bondage. I desire to manifest to them the glory of My Presence and the Presence of My glory.

I AM and there is no other. These others are no-gods and when I shall appear I shall slay the man of lawlessness with the breath of My mouth and with the brightness of My Presence. For Satan lost the dominion, the kratos, (Hebrews 2.14) over death and it is I who hold the keys of death and hell/hades. I AM the ruler over the kings and princes of the earth, King of kings and Lord of lords....

Where is the true Jerusalem? 8/4/06
Do you see? They seek the destruction of Jerusalem. And will Jerusalem be destroyed? Where is the true Jerusalem of My people? Where is the Eternal City wherein My Name dwells? You watch Jerusalem but shall they worship Me on this hill or that mountain? What is true worship that pleases Me.

Call upon Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you know not of. I will reveal My plan, the plans I have in My heart, My heart’s desire. And who will carry My heart? Who will agree with My plans and decrees? Who will abide in Me and on My holy hill? Psalm 24

It is not yet your time 8/11/06
To the sons of God for whom the creation waits for their manifestation: Behold, the temptation comes to you as to Jesus. Luke 4. Even now you are hidden. It is not yet your time. Remain in humility and do not yield to the temptation to display who you are apart from the way that I have ordered and ordained for you. Philippians 2...

Spiritual wickedness in high places 8/2006
They gather even now in the heavenlies—spiritual wickedness in high places—principalities and powers. The battle lines are drawn. Everyone is drawn by what is in their hearts. Some, destined for destruction, plot on their beds at night the evil they intend. But I laugh. Psalm 2

The River dries and men do those things which will prepare the way for the kings of the east. Dust. Dust. Dust and dryness. Wilderness and wild things in the deserts.

But there is a Life swirling, a river of Life rising, a flowing spring, a Fountain bringing Life to whoever will come and drink.

Who will come and drink of the Waters of Life? Who will come that they die not?

Hear Me now. I AM coming, and the days are short.

Arise and come to Me 9/8/06
My son, My son, how you are in turmoil, yet I hold your days, yes even your hours, in My heart and in My hand.

Arise and come to Me. Rise up and as you seek for Me with your whole heart you will find Me. I am not hiding Myself from you more than from others. But I am waiting, and I am testing the hearts of My own to see the desires of their hearts, to see whether they desire truth in the inward parts. Do they want Me at/in the core of their being?

In Me is life and I am the light of the world. Where I come the darkness scatters and death goes because I AM the Life, the Resurrection and the Life. The energy of My Presence, My Life, shakes loose the strongholds of death, devils, and disease.

I AM the Mighty God and even now I tell you the Day of the Lord, the great and terrible Day of the Lord will come exactly as prophesied for am I not God? And I do not lie, neither do I repent.

Be still and know that I am God!

Many are the trials of the righteous 9/22/06
Many are the trials of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all.

O Watchman on the wall, you have prayed for revival, that I would come and revive My people. I have heard your heart and received the tears of your mourning soul. I am with you in your hidden hell. It is not hidden from Me.

I have searched you and tried you because you have prayed for revival. But I tell you, you shall come forth as gold and you will see your desire in your lifetime. Look for Me and you will find Me. I am Jehovah Shammah.

Blow the trumpet in Zion and call for the Day of Atonement, for I do something this Tabernacles, something glorious. Though it start as a seed, watch it grow. Though it have a small beginning, do not despise small beginnings. The Glory Cloud is rising. Look!

Be miserable, mourn, and weep 9/22/06
Be miserable, mourn, and weep for your sins separate you from Me. Let your joy turn to gloom. Adorn yourselves with sackcloth and ashes to remind you that you are but dust. Humble yourselves before Me. Submit to Me and be not proud.

Come before Me in lowliness of mind and be not high-minded. Do not think of yourselves more highly than you should, but let your estimation of yourselves be accurate.

You cry, “How long?” and “Where is the Lord our God?” and “Does He not see my affliction or hear the screams of my soul?”...

Ethiopia: Tell my people 10/20/06
Go to Ethiopia and tell My people I have heard your groanings and seen your persecution. I have heard the cries of your hearts for My Presence.

I am coming to you and when I shall appear I will slay the antichrist with the breath of My mouth and with the brightness of My Presence. I will pour forth streams of living water in the desert, and I will cause the desert to bloom and the dry places to prosper again.

I will come with My Truth and I will pass through the land from the North to the South, from the East to the West, and I will cover the land with My Blood to cleanse the land of the spilling of the innocent blood and the murder of Mine. I will come as Jehovah Makkeh and I will come as Jehovah Nissi and I will come as Jehovah Tsidkenu and I will come as the Faithful Amen....

I will come to Ethiopia 11/3/06
With an outstretched arm I will come to Ethiopia and I, the Breaker, will break the powers of darkness over Ethiopia. As you stretch forth your right arm over Ethiopia, I will cover it with My Scepter. I will offer the Scepter of Peace to those who will accept My Peace.

As you stretch forth your left arm over Ethiopia, I will cover it with a rod of iron and will bring judgment upon those destined for judgment. As you stand in the midst of Axum I will release the fire of the Spirit of burning and the Spirit of Judgment and My fire will spread across the land to the North, South, East, and West and to the borders, for I will establish in Ethiopia new borders, a new spiritual capital, and a new name.

I will redeem Ethiopia for My glory because I love the land and the peoples of the land. I am He that is merciful and gracious and I know the plans I have for Ethiopia, plans for their welfare and good....

Do you not see? 11/3/06
What! Oh watchman on the wall. Do you not see heaven opened and the angels of God descending and ascending on the Son of Man?...

I am the Eye in the storm 11/10/06
I am the eye in the center of the storm. You are the apple of My eye. Enter the eye and you will find peace in the storm.

Peace I give unto you. Not as the world gives, give I unto you. For in the world you have tribulation, but cheer up; I have overcome the world.

The storm swirls around. Lightning, thunder, waves. I am the eye of the storm. You will not perish. When you are tested it seems I sleep. I will rise, dry up the storm. Muzzle your mouth, I will say to the storm, and suddenly you will be on the shore, right where I said you would go.

I have made you strong -- You will go to Ethiopia 11/24/06
Received for Steve November 24, 2006

I have made you strong, very strong, that you may stand before kings and princes in My name. Do not fear for I am with you. Isaiah 41.10 I am your fortress, your high tower. I have spent years preparing you for the great battle. In you I have placed My anointing. It is your power, your place, your position.

Do not let your eye pity or spare what I have not pitied or spared, for you will go to Ethiopia and by the anointing I have placed in you, you will bring Ethiopia from its foundations in Cush to a new foundation in grace. They will see you as an angel because the light of My countenance rests upon you....

Word for America 12/22/06
Stiffnecked, My People--My people have rejected My love, rebelled against My holiness, drifted, doubted, and do disobey. These have insulted the Spirit of Grace and stand on a precipice blind with deceit. Some totter. Some have not the wherewithal to step back, turn around, and walk away from the pit, the abyss, the darkness of destruction.

The apostasy has begun. These profane the holy. They no longer sense the grieving of My Spirit, for their hearts grow cold and are become hardened to the cries of the Spirit.

These are lambs being led to slaughter for they have turned away from Me. They have resisted My Blood to cleanse them of unrighteousness. They seek the desires of the flesh and war against My Spirit.

Cry. Cry for repentance to come to My people. The deceitfulness of riches chokes the Word along with the cares of the world. Many are stony ground. The Word scatters along the sides of the road as worthless, to be swept up and discarded....

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