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Go to Madagascar

May 8, 2000

Go to Madagascar, anywhere on the island. The whole island is corrupt, a seat of Satan immersed in poverty and death. The nation is cursed with a curse because of Edom, because of "spoiled seed," because of greed. They have no fear of God, and do not "see" My judgments are to deliver My people from their evil ways.

Call out My people. Call them from the North, South, East, and West, My sons and My daughters, for as to them, I will break the yoke of poverty, of perversion, of greed, their famine.

The waters flood, but My people will not be overtaken. Speak to the Rock that living waters may flow to My people. Weep and wail for the multitude of their sins and iniquity, for the hardness of their hearts, for their greed and exploitation, for the death and malice that prevails.

For I will prevail through you over My enemies to deliver My people.

Their poverty is a stump, a stumbling block. They see only their bellies and not the emptiness, the poverty of spirit and soul. They do not see their pride which brings upon them humbling and humiliation.

They are proud, militant in heart, fighting against Me when I would offer them the Scepter of Peace.

Offer them the Scepter of Peace. If it is received, My peace will come to them. If not, shake off the dust of their flesh and death, and go.

For I am judging the nations, and drawing out My elect -- Mine will be drawn out of the waters. I am the Voice of Many Waters. I am a River of Life to those that will come and drink.

They thirst, but not for Me. They hunger, but not for righteousness. They weep, but not for their sin. They wail, but not over their evil and their iniquity. They are a proud people engulfed by Leviathan, sporting the Amalekites.

God and lay the ax to the root of the stump. I will destroy their stump, for I am the Lion of Judah who arose out of the Root and Stump of Jesse. I will prevail over My enemies, and bring forth My elect in victory.

Break the barrier of poverty. They are poor because they are proud and do not acknowledge Me. They come not to Me, and I own everything. The earth is Mine and its fullness.

O Madagascar, Madagascar, how long will you vex My Spirit? How long will you resist My love? How long will your stubborn hearts bray in My face and at My ways? Are My judgments not right? Does not the Judge of all the earth do right?

Look within and see your sin and the sins of your forefathers. What did they author? What have they wrought? Spoiled seed.

Sow the good seed of the Word, and plant it deep that it may be watered and nourished in the hearts and spirits of My people -- Tell them the truth about My love for them, that I would draw them out of their sin and evil and iniquity if they repent.

To Mine I will grant this repentance for the sake of My Son and for the sake of His Blood, His Body broken. I will remember My covenant, and I will draw out and I will save.

Let them flourish. Speak to them the blessings of the deep, the blessings of Abraham, the blessings of heaven. Praise Me for My justice and the righteousness of My ways. Praise Me for the glory of grace before/to those who despise Me and curse and hold their fist to My face. Praise Me for My mercy that I do not consume them all in the fire of My holiness.

Purify yourself and do not be stained by their spoiled seed. Do not pity them nor be drawn into the despair of their dead souls. Be strong and defy their death. Call them to resurrection, for I am judging the nations and drawing out My elect from many waters that Mine might flow and live in the Water of Life.

Arise and shine, for I will/am opening a door for you. You will lead My people into My glory that the glory I have may be theirs. I will draw My people into one. I will build My temple. I will restore Israel My glory. I will war against antichrist and I will prevail, for I am the Lamb who was slain, the Lion of Judah, and the Lion will lie with the Lamb.

Comfort My people as I come for a holy Bride. Many do not want Me. I am not coming for a "church" -- buildings, programs -- I am coming for a People -- called out ones drawn to Me out of the dead.

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