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A Word to Believers in Zimbabwe

July 14, 2008
Dr. Mary Craig

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As to Zimbabwe, I have been praying much about the nation. I have not had a specific word, but the challenge of Mugabe to God is much like the challenge of Korah in his rebellion. I heard Mugabe say on TV that he would stay in power until God took him out, or similar words. In Numbers 16 Aaron stood between the dead and the living in order to stop the plague. This was interposition. The plague was first stopped by this act of interposition before God established Aaron's authority.

God had wanted to consume everybody. He says in Numbers 16.46 for Aaron to make an atonement for the people because the wrath had gone out and the plague had begun.

I am praying that people will stand spiritually between the dead and the living in interposition to stop the plague and that God Himself will
establish godly authority in Zimbabwe. In accord with this, I am praying Leviticus 26, paying special note to Lev. 26.40ff.

I believe Zimbabwe is under judgment because its leader confuses authority which comes from God with ownership. Leaders do not own the land. God says, The land is Mine. Leaders cannot do whatever they want with God's property. This includes God's people, the elect of every nation. The earth is the Covenant Lord's. God's ownership is already established in His Word. Now we must pray that as God replaced Saul (who had the same problem of misunderstanding authority and ownership) with David, a man after God's own heart, God will replace Mugabe and let another take his place. (Psalm 69; Psalm 109.8)

What I am receiving right now as I write is that God hears the cries of His people but that He is doing a work in them, a work of glory. He is bringing them into the Holy Place where they must feed on the Word at the Table of Showbread and have that Word illumined by the light of the lampstand. He is causing the faithful to have their wills surrendered to Him and to show them that man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. He is doing a work in the faithful to renew their minds such that the faithful will see with the mind of Christ. These are those who trim their wicks and have fresh oil in their lamps. He is crushing them and adding salt to make them into a sweet fragrance before Him at the Golden Altar of Incense. He is causing them to intercede and pray as never before. He is crushing their emotions until the whole soul is surrendered at this Golden Altar. He is bringing the faithful to the end of themselves that they may enter through the Rent Veil into the Holy of Holies by the Living Way, Jesus Christ.

Beyond Pentecost is Tabernacles. I am seeing that God is bringing the faithful of Zimbabwe's believers into His Holy of Holies to be one with the Godhead in heart, mind, and will--one soul with Him, one spirit with His Spirit, a true body of Christ in which He tabernacles. This work in the holy place will be complete when the faithful surrender and no longer complain and murmur against the Lord and against His anointed. They will be broken, crushed into fineness of spices and the ingredients of fragrance. They will be preserved by the salt added to the mixture. They will go through the fire and be changed by it. And they will come out as Overcomers.

I am hearing that Zimbabwe is not alone of the nations going through the fires of tribulation and testing; but they will come out as gold and they will shine when they come out. The believers cannot be defeated because their satisfaction comes from the Bread of Life. They cannot be defeated because their Source is God who supplies life and blessing. They cannot be defeated because as they melt in the heat of the heart of the Holy Spirit, they become true and mature sons of God (even women, ha).

To Zimbabwe, I hear to say, Be of good courage for God will strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Covenant Lord. (Ps 31.24) Psalm 33 To the faithful of the believers of Zimbabwe: You will rule in the midst of your enemies. Psalm 37.1-13 Every time you do a specific act of good, you overcome general evil. (Romans 12) God will be the Source of those acts of goodness and guide you individually.

God will punish all disobedience once the obedience of the believers is complete. Believers need to focus more on what God is doing IN them and on what He wants to do IN them. It is a work being done unto them. The faithful are becoming overcomers in Zimbabwe.


From a letter by Mary Craig written to a friend from Zimbabwe

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