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The Hope of the Kingdom of God Part 2, The Kingdom is Already (but not yet) Sunday, February 28

In the last message we demonstrated that the Word of God divides the course of God’s redemptive purpose into two ages: This Age and The Age to Come. These two ages are separated by the Second coming of Christ and the resurrection from the dead. The KOG belongs to The Age to Come and will be fully realized in that Age. But The Age to Come is already as well as not yet.

Find out why we can experience more of the "Already" now when it comes to tasting of the powers of the age to come, the impact of Jesus' resurrection, and growth in our relationship with the Father through Christ as empowered by the Holy Spirit.

And cheer up! Jesus Christ has overcome the world--its systems, its no-gods, its lies, its seduction, and every enemy of the Cross....

The Hope of the Kingdom of God Part 1, The Kingdom is not Yet Sunday, February 21
. . .
The OT and Judaism looked forward to a single day-the Day of the Lord-when God would act to establish His reign on the earth.

With the coming of Jesus, the time line changes. The time between the resurrection and the parousia [paa roo see' uh] is a time of the overlapping of the two ages. Believers live "between the times." The old age goes on, but the powers of the new age have erupted into the old age and invaded the old age in the person of Jesus Christ.

God's will is done in heaven; His Kingdom brings it to earth. In the Age to Come, heaven descends to earth and lifts historical existence to a new level of redeemed life (Revelation 21.2, 3). Those who "attain to that age" cannot die any more. They are sons of the resurrection. (Luke 20.35, 36) The will of God is to conquer evil and to bring His people finally into the blessed immortality of the eternal life of the Age to Come. Life as we know it will be different. The family will be those who have done the will of God, hearing and doing what Jesus says. Believing in Jesus. Believing Jesus.

In the OT God was acting in kingly power, but in some real sense God's Kingdom came into history in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, in Jesus, His person and mission.

The faith of believers expresses its hope in terms of the KOG. This biblical hope is not like the dreams of Greek poets or those of philosophers who hope and dream of some utopia. This hope is rooted in the OT and grounded in the confidence that there is one eternal, living God who has revealed Himself to humans and who has a purpose for the human race which He has chosen to accomplish through the fulfillment of His Covenant promises. The hope of the KOG is an essential element in the revealed will and the redemptive work of the living God....

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Sunday, February 28

Sunday, February 21

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Salvation in a Sentence

Barnabas Project Pompano, December 2020
at Philadelphia Church of God Independent, Lauderhill FL

Barnabas Project 2020Barnabas Project Pompano -- "Leaving the 'How' to the Living God" December, 2020

COVID-19 has not stopped the work of the LORD, but it did hamper efforts in 2020 due to many restrictions on what we could do, where and when. Nevertheless, the Living God is never restricted as to fulfilling His purposes and plans; so we leave the "how" to Him.

The purpose of the Barnabas Distribution Project is to bless distressed communities in the South Florida area. Since 2003, the Barnabas Project has held distributions from Fellsmere/Vero Beach to Florida City/Homestead and west from Fort Lauderdale to Immokalee and Belle Glade as a demonstration of the free Grace and goodness of the Living God in honor of His greatest gift, Jesus Christ. Our intent is that families might be encouraged and given a little boost, a tangible expression of God's love, that they might have hope....

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