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Psalms to Pray that Bless God
Minister to Him

8 Glory of the Lord in Creation
11 Lord is Righteous & Just
18 Lord is a Rock, Fortress & Deliverer
19 God's Creation & His Law
24 King of Glory
29 Majesty of the Lord's voice
33 God's Creation & Providence
46 Confidence in God our refuge
47 Nations exhorted to sing praises
48 Mount Zion, City of God
50 God Desires Commitment More than Sacrifices
66 God's Awesome Power & Deeds
67 Let the Nations Praise God
68 Let the Righteous Rejoice
75 It is God Who Judges
76 Majesty & Judgment of God
90 God is From Everlasting to Everlasting
93 The Lord is Robed in Majesty
95 The Great King Above All gods
96 Worship the Lord in His Holiness
97 The Heavens Proclaim the Lord's Righteousness
98 Sing Praises to the Lord
99 The Holy God of Zion
100 Worship the Lord with Gladness
103 The Lord is Compassionate
104 God's Creation & Providence
105 Recalling the Lord's Provisions for His People
107 Thanks to the Lord for His Unfailing Love
110 A Priest in the Order of Melchizedek
111 The Lord's Glorious Works
113 Praise the Name of the Lord
117 Praise the Lord All Nations
121 The Lord Will Keep You from All Harm
134 Exhortation to Praise the Lord
135 The Lord is Greater Than All Other gods
136 God's Love Endures Forever
139 God Knows All Things
145 Praise God for His Many Virtues
146 Blessed is the One Whose Help is God
147 The Lord is Worthy of Praise
148 All Creation is to Praise the Lord
149 Praise the Lord in Dance & Song
150 Praise God with Musical Instruments

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