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Prophetic Perspective

Received by Mary Craig July 13, 2001

My Spirit is sweeping through/across the land(s), seeking those
who desire Me now,
who call out to Me in the midst of trouble,
who do not turn away in times of desperate despair or drought or trial, but
who cling to the Word of promise in spite of all they see.

My people need to learn to hold to the Word of promise only and not to feelings or fuzzy manifestations—for lying wonders and manifestations are going out and will go out, deceiving many now who seek for signs and judge by feelings. Know that the Word stands forever.

Those who will not take time to learn the Word, discern and rightly divide the Word will be vulnerable to being led astray, looking to sensibilities, sensible signs. I AM the Lord and change not. Therefore, I am the Rock when waters splash or calm surrounds.

The Word stands even when lying circumstances hide the truth. The truth is—even when it cannot be seen and is clouded by lies.

I am allowing the false prophets their voice and their lying wonders to test the hearts of My people. Who will they follow? How will they discern?

I am the LORD. I change not. I am the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

So how will you judge a word, a prophet, a sign, a wonder?

Will sloth make you vulnerable to error? Keep your heart with all diligence and heed what the Word says. Do you choose what I am to be? Does a man choose his god? Is it not I who create? Did man make Me? Yet they make gods oftheir own choosing, for they would not and do not choose Me.

Who wants Me? I do not deny Myself. I am the LORD. I change not. I am not a man that I should lie, nor the son of man that I should repent. I do not apologize for My ways or for who I am.

Yet they are ashamed of Me and of My Son and of My Spirit and of the grace I give. Will I not also be ashamed of them, their message? They flatter, flaunt, hawk Me as a carnival side show.

I will sweep across the nations. I will scatter them s chaff. I will give them no mind as they have given Me no mind. Do they honor Me or do they seek their own profit? When did I need help to further My kingdom or to save anyone? Is My arm too short to save? They flatter themselves to be as god.

I am the LORD. Beware the little foxes. I am coming for My elect, a holy Bride. I am the LORD. I change not.

I am blowing up a strong wind to raise a tidal wave across the land to wash away all that will not cling to the Rock. How shall you cling to such a mighty Rock? You hook in, nailing yourself to the Rock and holding on.

[At this point, I had a vision of an enormous rock and people hooking into the rock as would a mountain climber hook into a mountain. Then I saw people impaled on the rock as identifying with Christ on the cross, the nails going through to the Rock.]

I am the Voice of Many Waters,
.....The Mighty Rushing Wind
I am the Breath of Life
.....Or death
I am the sandstorm
.....Blowing in the desert,
..........The hurricane
.....Blowing in the sea.

But you will not find Me there. For that is but the power of My breath only.

You will find Me in the still small voice of My Spirit speaking to you with an inward witness. I am here. Hold fast to Me, My Word, My ways. Fear not, little flock. I desire to give you the kingdom. I am coming for a holy Bride. Be about My work. Be ready. Be faithful. Stand firm in the faith.

[God has been showing me that as we are in the third day, we shall be perfected, just as When certain of the Pharisees came to Jesus saying unto Him, "Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee," Jesus said, "Go tell that fox, Behold I cast out devils, and I do cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected." (Luke 13.32) He goes on to lament over Jerusalem, to heal on the Sabbath, to teach humility, to go out and gather the poor, the maimed, the halt, and the blind, to love Him more than ourselves, and to warn of salt that has lost its savor.

Jesus was perfected through suffering, through obedience, through showing mercy to those who could not repay Him. Today, the Bride is being prepared, made holy, being perfected. As we endure and obey, as we go out to show mercy to those who cannot repay us, as we crucify the flesh with its passions and lusts, we will be raised up that we may live in His sight and He will come to us like the rain.]

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