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A Prophecy for the Nation

May 7, 1998

I will bless this land to the extent that and as long as it humbles itself before Me. For national pride brings destruction to a nation. In such pride the nation divides itself from Me and from others.

For I will be God Almighty with none other before you.

I am bringing, I am bringing global redistribution. To those companies, nations that will humble themselves before Me, I will come and heal their land. I will bless, protect, provide. But to those who fall before other gods and walk in pride, I will curse, I will destroy, I will bring poverty, for I will give them their desires and leave.

Do they desire Me? Will they humble themselves? What about national pride? Did I die for the U.S.A. only? Did I give revelation only to the U.S.A.? Did I not die for those of every nation?

And so I will raise up My Banner in nations of nothing. I will exalt them and bring others low. I am the Lord who does all these things. Do not puff up in pride. I will burst the balloon, for its air is not My breath, but their own.

My breath will blow across the land. Stay humble. Remember Lot's wife.

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