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Preparation for What is Coming

October 21, 1996

I last told you that war is breaking out between the dragon and the woman, this at Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Satan knows his time is short and is launching a large scale assault on the Body of Christ. Those must be prepared. It is time to be prepared, with lamps burning, with oil ready that the lamps do not go out. It is time to watch and pray, for the Bridegroom approaches soon. Do not focus on the darkness and the evil but on the brightness of the glory of the risen Christ, the Bridegroom coming.

Soon the Father will give the word and set events into motion which cannot be altered by man. People may pray, fast weep, wail, but these events are unalterable. All will go according to the Scriptures. Just as that the first coming, so it shall be at the second coming. All will go according to the Scriptures.

Look for the appearing and fear for those who are not now ready. My own need to hide My word in their hearts. They must consider these days and prepare as wise ones do for approaching storms.

Precautions. Take the following precautions now.

1. Do not be surprised at the appearance and resurgence of angels, and angelic visitations. Messengers elect and fallen are on assignment. Be wise in discerning spirits to know the source of the message. If it is from Me it will agree with My Word, for I am (1) consistent and (2) I do not change. Do not be fooled because you do not know Me or the Scriptures. Those who are daily in My Word, who meditate and think about who I am, recognize Me and My messengers as from Me. I am the Almighty God, Maker of the heavens and the earth, the Creator, who is and was and will be. I am the beginning and the end. I formed you in the womb. I am your breath, your life. I hold all things in the palm of My hand, My open hand. I speak and the creation bows. I breathe and the earth trembles and quakes. Mountains move at the breath of My nostrils. Seas move to dry land at My command. I go and no one stops Me. I stop and no one can move Me. All power is Mine. Nothing happens, nothing moves but I know it. Nothing fails to enter My sight, My knowledge. Take precautions before the coming day of My wrath.

2. I will move against all unrighteousness. Many have mocked Me, My gospel, My grace, My truth. Their unbelief rises as ridiculous before Me. The fool has said in his heart, There is no god. Do they think I do not see? Of course I do. I am vexed and grieved with the workers of iniquity. I am, however, long-suffering and have waited for repentance. On their own, no one would repent. My Spirit woos them, draws them to Me. It is I who do this out of My grace and love, for I will love, for I am, love, saith your God.

Therefore, repent or you will perish in the way. All are called to repent. Even now Satan moves to destroy. Many will die. Satan will take the vessels destined for wrath and try to load them, heap them up with devils that he may work corruption, persecution against My elect.

I, too, am working to the purification of the Bride. My own may not understand this and obstruct the work of grace I am seeking to do in them. In this they corrupt themselves. Like the little cat, I offer them peace, safety, provision, warmth, security, love, protection from dark powers. They approach and desire but they hold back in fear of Me. They experience some love from time to time but will not yield to correction in their lives. Like the little cat, they sit at the door with desire and even look inside, but they won't come in.

It is fear. With people it is their guilt and fear of punishment. They think I will harm them, but I will not harm them. They think themselves most free, but their freedom so perceived is terror lurking for its moment to strike. There is no peace. So take precautions.

3. Sing. Sing praises. Sing songs in the night. Sing of Me. Sing your sorrow. Sing your joy. Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Sing.

4. Smile. Learn to relax. Learn to move away wherever you are into My presence. I am always with you, for I dwell within. Quiet yourself in My love, and you will find great strength for your soul, a strength that does not come from food, but from Me. I sustain you with one word. I, after all, resurrect the dead. Remember that. [Heb. 4]

What else can I say to tell you? Washington, D.C. will be bombed and Janice [not her real name] must come home. The bombing will rock the security of America. Americans have felt secure because of their capitol. But Washington, the peaceful city, is an abomination to Me with its Luciferian center, its lies, its baals, its pockets of power. I could and would destroy it but for the pleas of My people. I will move My people to safety and then I will sound the alarm of war and I will make war against the abominations lying in secret, hiding, lurking behind masks of propriety.

[May 1998: I felt that the Lewinsky matter was the "button" of the "bomb." I have not known whether this referred to a "bomb" in the literal or metaphorical sense. I do know in my spirit that its time is now.]

I am moving quickly, and suddenly calamity will strike here, there. Men's hearts will fail them for fear. My people must trust Me now and walk in the world of the unseen, the supernatural [2 Cor. 4:18-5:7]

I am establishing you as My prophet. I am giving you an apostolic ministry. You will speak for Me. You will raise the dead with My voice through your mouth. You will comfort My people with your presence. You will guard them with My power.

Tell My people to prepare their hearts and minds. The temporal falls before the spiritual.

More are listening to devils than to Me. Satan's people, his hosts, outnumber My remnant, but My angels outnumber his devils, and I am the One who he fails to factor. [Here I heard all this laughter!]

I laugh because I alone without My angels or My people am sufficient to defeat him and cast him into hell forever. He smells the burning of the lake of fire even now. He is mad with anger. He looks at you and scoffs at My love for you. You do not even know Me as he does. But that is exactly what it is. He knew Me and was not satisfied with his first estate. He exalted himself to rise above his Creator. O saddest of days for the lifting of his heart brought him fallen as lightning from heaven. O foolish cherub exchanging the music of the spheres for the noise of hell. Hell where limb is torn from limb, and bones rot in the stench of corruption. Satan enjoys tearing infants apart. He is incensed with scorn.

I am a holy God and show mercy to whom I choose to show mercy. I save sovereignly. What I have chosen, I have chosen.

Take joy, My people, for the Lord God is a covenant keeping God. I have chosen you above all else in My creation. I am the eternally-existing One. I come to you. I cry out for you. I call you to Myself, and I desire to love you. And I will prevail. Love never fails.

My bond to you cannot be broken. Tears are mended quickly. I strengthen cords and make them of love.

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