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A Prayer of Salvation
(From the book Prayers I, by Dr. Mary Craig)


I know that I am a sinner and by nature a child of wrath. I confess my sinful condition and acknowledge my need of a Savior. I know that You are God, that You lived a life without sin and died to pay the penalty for sin and rose again from the dead.

I am willing to turn from my sin, to repent and change my mind, and to follow You. I receive You as my own personal Savior and Lord and Master. You are Prophet, Priest, and King.

I surrender myself, my life, to You. I ask You to forgive my sin and to give me the Holy Spirit.

I receive the free gift of eternal life and ask You to fill me with Your redemption, Your peace, Your joy, Your life. For this I give You praise, and I give You glory.

I confess with my mouth that You are LORD and believe in my heart that God has raised You, Jesus, from the dead. I submit myself to the righteousness of God.

I thank You, Jesus, for saving me by grace this day as I have placed my trust and confidence in You alone for my salvation.


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