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I Am Preparing My Bride

Sept. 25, 2001

I am the Lord thy God who speaks to you in the aftermath of calamity. I am with you to preserve you, to promote you, to empower you.

I am coming in judgment to My House. They cry out to Me, but not all. They call now to Me, though not all desire Me. I am resisted, mocked, placed among idols as equal to them.

I am grieved for My people are ashamed of Me. They cower not before terror, but before men. They desire the praise of men more than My praise. They desire membership and money.

I will give them their desire, but I Myself shall withdraw. I shall step back and see what happens as their churches bulge and their coffers are filled. But they shall belch with that which they have sought for satisfaction.

They will applaud. They will clap and get louder and louder. They will make a great show, a pretense of piety and praise, but inside, where they live and what I judge, they will be praising themselves for praying, for fasting, for advertising, for books, for all they have done, as if apart from Me they can do anything!

I am withdrawing now. My heart is grieved. The evil comes. I will repair to Myself now. I will mourn and wail now for what man brings to himself, for how he corrupts himself.

The 144,000 are in place now. I have Mine positioned. They are marked. All the hosts know who they are. My hand has been upon them since their births; from conception they have been Mine and nothing has touched them/their lives but what I have overseen, permitted, allowed.

It will not be a good day, but a dark day coming. My grace will sustain those who seek Me, the truth, at all costs. Compromise and corruption will enter the churches. Only those pastors who understand their roles as guardians of the sheep will lessen what comes. These will stand at the door with Me in front of them, guarding the door, guarding the gospel, protecting the borders, strengthening the walls of salvation. These must not listen to numbers or money but to Me.

I am withdrawing. Those who desire Me now must seek Me with all of their heart, mind, and soul. And I shall know Mine and who it is who still confesses Me before men and devils. I will test the hearts.

Strange fire is coming. My fire purifies, sanctifies, brings repentance, consumes sin that life and love may come.

There is much talk of war. You were told to prepare for war, and you have to the extent you knew. Now the war escalates, intensifies, broadens as terror strikes the hearts.

So many opinions about Me now, but who really tries to know Me? Have I not revealed Myself? Have I not told you all you need to know, all you have to know? But what value was put on Me, on My Word? I shall see now.

Many will know My grief, My pain now, for they have caused pain, grieving My heart over and over. Others will grieve with Me, Mine, whom I have blessed, honored, exalted.

You will find the light within, first a flicker, then a flame. The third Day is first dark as death but then bright as life.

Comfort those who mourn. Keep yourselves from idols. Keep yourselves unstained from the world. Cleanse yourselves of all that defiles flesh and spirit now.

The rain is coming, and then the wind of My spirit will shift again.

I will blow across Asia taking Mine. They will know that I have heard the cry of the Son whose Name they mock. They plot a vain thing. They challenge Me, not just America. Who is the true God? They oppose the God of the Jews and Christians because they oppose Me, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They know more the holy war they begin, for they move against the "banner of the cross."

I am Jehovah Nissi. My banner is love, what they do not know. Psalm 139. Before I am finished, they will cry out to the rocks to fall on them and no cave will protect them. Does not My creation obey My command? I am the Lord. Besides Me, there is no Savior. Is this not about Me? Do they not defy Me?

But you, My own, must repent lest you likewise perish. And do not take pride in their fall lest you likewise fall. Do not steal My glory when I glorify My Name. In all the earth and among the nations I shall be praised.

And now, know that I prepare the Bride. I sanctify her. I love her. I desire her. I bless her. I invite her. I seek union with her. Together we will march. Together we will have victory.

I prepare the sons of God now for dominion. There is much that is false, and the true are withdrawn, with Me, but soon we will emerge in power.

I am coming in power and great glory. I am coming in love to a dying world, a world crushed in pride.

Watch Jerusalem. Stay ready. Keep your ears to the Spirit. Search the Scriptures for they point to Me. Come to Me. Strengthen your souls. Soak in rivers of living water, in My Spirit. Know that though the end of all things is near, I AM.

Where did/do I go when I withdraw? You will find Me there. I love you.

© 2001 Mary Craig Ministries, Inc.


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