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Word Received
Friday, July 9, 2020

July 9, 2020: Home, Dr. Mary Craig

How far from Me are these people. How far from Me are the nations of the world. Yet I have come near and they do not see. Neither do they understand. They do not see because they do not seek; they do not seek Me that I might answer the cries of their souls, their hearts, the desperations of the darkness in which they grope to find life.

My heart yearns for the people to repent and believe. They turn to idols and no-gods, to the wisdom of this world, to the vain imaginations of their minds darkened by deceit.

I hedge them about that they might consider their ways, examine their priorities, see what is in their hearts. They live in the wasteland. The river flows, but they set their faces away and do not turn to see their salvation.

Have I not said? Have I changed? Do not My eyes run to and fro over the land? Are not My judgments true and righteous?

From the beginning man has spurned My love, My words, My wisdom, turning astray. Do I not know what is good and what is evil? Do I not love with an everlasting love, a love without a lie? But manís heart within him is evil continually; chasing after the lie, swallowing the stolen fruit of the Deceiver, the Murderer, the Thief.

Violence begins now to cover the earth. Wake up! Madness, chaos, rebellion, reducing what I created in My image to appear worthless in order to exploit, to satisfy greedy hunters of menís souls---all this being of the broad way that leads to destruction.

But I have built an Ark. I have preserved and will preserve My people. Mine are kept by My power. I contend with those who contend with Mine. My love covers a multitude of sin. I have made a way where there was no way. I sent My Son to heal, save, and deliver. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I have promised and My words are not empty, vain. What I have promised will surely come to pass. Fear not, little flock, for it is your Fatherís good pleasure to give you the kingdom. You have an inheritance in Christ. While I shake everything that can be shaken, the foundation of the Lord stands sure having this seal: the Lord knows those who are His and let everyone who names the Name of the Lord [Christ] depart from iniquity. Seek good; depart from evil. Repent gladly knowing that whenever you confess your sins, I am faithful and just to forgive you your sins and to cleanse you from unrighteousness.

When I come to purify, to chasten, to prepare you to be fit, pure, and holy, rejoice in Me. Count it all joy.

When tribulation comes, know that Jesus has overcome. The Holy Spirit is your Comforter who guides you into the truth of My Word.

When people revile you and speak evil of you, hating you because they hate the Christ in you, do not return evil for evil but overcome [general] evil with [specific] good.

Preserve truth. Promote justice. Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Maintain purity. Prepare for I am coming.

Call upon Me and I will show you great and mighty things you know not of.

Watch Me.

Series: Covenant: God's Way of Relationship
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Abraham: The Covenant of Promise Part 4 Sunday, August 2
. . .

Why is this covenant termed the Covenant of Promise? In Genesis 15, only God passed through the pieces. God took responsibility for the keeping of the covenant, ultimately through Christ. By the solemn ceremony, Genesis 15, God promised redemption. The one distinctive aspect of the narrative has to do with the fact that Abraham does not pass between the divided pieces representing the covenantal curse of self-malediction. God did not require this of Abraham.

"By this action, God promises. The Lord assumes to Himself the full responsibility for seeing that every promise of the covenant shall be realized. It is not that Abraham has no obligations in the covenant relation....

Abraham: The Covenant of Promise Part 3 Sunday, July 26
. . .

In Genesis 15 we find the formal inauguration of the Abrahamic covenant.
God made all these promises to Abram. "How shall I know that I shall inherit the land You have promised?" (Genesis 15.8) Abram believes, but he wants strong assurance. He is old and getting older and has no heir unless he adopts a "son" to become legal heir. God had said that a son born of Abram's own loins will possess the promises (15.4). How?....

Live Recording: Abraham: The Covenant of Promise Part 4
Sunday, August 2

Live Recording: Abraham: The Covenant of Promise Part 3
Sunday, July 26

Go to to listen to all of the teaching from the series.

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